November 20, 2013

Lily's Growing Up...

I took pictures of Lily for her 1st Grade school pictures. She is growing up so fast. Can you believe she is already 6 1/2?! My how the time flies.

We went to the JC Raulston Arboretum here in Raleigh. It's a wonderful place to spend some time in nature.

While there was not a whole lot in bloom, the rose garden did hold some late surprises.

Those picture packages the school offers are just ridiculously priced! And there was a lot of added value we got out of doing it ourselves.

And the photo is not always that awesome. They make you pose in awkward positions. PS, Lily posed herself for the most part. She's always loved having her photo taken.

 You never get to feel like a super model. I gave her a few directions here and there. But I tried to let her run the show.

We spent a couple of hours just the two of us on a lovely fall day together. We both had a lot of fun and I think we got some lovely photos. Some of them are just beautiful Lily. And a few are silly Lily. I think we captured a lot of her personality. I also think we will do it again next year.

October 4, 2013

Join the Conversation

Hi my one lonely reader. I've created a Facebook group to talk about food. You are (all?) welcome to join me over there as well as here.

inner jogging on Facebook

September 10, 2013

...or not moving....

We did move to North Carolina, but I am not moving my blog :)

North Carolina has so many trees! Holy crappin' moly are there trees. But no wind. I think we need to work out some kind of nature trade between North Dakota and North Carolina. We'll send up some trees, if you send down a breeze. I am not joking here. It is a rare thing here to see a tree branch wiggle from a light breeze. After daily winds ranging from 10 mph to 40 mph, this is nuts! Especially with the heat and humidity. A gentle breeze down here wouldn't kill you, Mother Nature!

Side note: Currently watching Gordon Ramsay's "F Word" show from the UK. Really like him in this show as opposed to his American shows (except Master Chef, that one is good). He's not the complete jerk that he's made out to be.