April 23, 2010

cake mix cookies

used this recipe here for cake mix cookies.  i think this is **the** easiest recipe for cookies i have ever tried.  and they are actually really good!  last week i made them with a dark chocolate cake mix.  i had to add an extra egg and an extra 1/4 cup of water, but they were great.  very chocolatey, nice and soft and not a bit cake-like as i had thought.  tonite i am using a yellow cake mix with about 1/2 cup peanut butter and 1/4 cup of water mixed in the recipe also.  then i am putting chocolate chips on top :-) yum nummy!

April 9, 2010

easiest cake ever! with mixed results

so i got some cake mix on sale today at the store. i like homemade cake a lot better, but sometimes, its just so much easier to use boxed :) and now, i know that its even easier than i thought! i found a recipe where you combine one box of cake mix with one 12-ounce can of soda. and bake it according to the box. that's it. couldn't be easier. (well, you could buy a premade cake, but then you wouldn't get to eat the cake batter, now would you?) i used rainbow chip cake mix and a can of lemon-lime soda. (the recipe called for diet soda, but i don't drink that crap) the batter taste the same, except you don't have to feel bad about eating raw eggs :) we shall see how it comes out of the oven. can't wait!

fresh from the oven!  it cut horribly, but then, i just couldn't wait :)  it was very, very moist.  to the point of being heavy even.  it also didn't rise as much as a regular cake.  upon eating some the next day though, it is a little less heavy in the mouth, but still heavy feeling in the belly.  it does cut much better once it has cooled though! :)  i think i may have to do some experimenting with this recipe....

April 7, 2010

strawberry shortcut cake

well folks, the strawberry shortcut cake from last nite was not all that spectacular that i had hoped. the white cake portion was pretty good. charles really liked it, even with less sugar :) it had a very, very fine crumb to it. i think i may make the cake again, but use some applesauce instead of some of the sugar and fat. the strawberries and marshmallows added nothing to the cake really. i felt that they almost ruined it. would have been better as a white cake with a seven mintue frosting and sliced berries on top. mmmmmmmm.

April 6, 2010

baking :-)

so tonite i am baking "strawberry shortcut cake". i made a little boo-boo though, and forgot to cut the cake batter in half, so i have an 8x8 strawberry cake and a heart shaped white cake. the white cake has made it out of the oven at this point because it was smaller. and i can say whole heartedly that it is a yummy cake batter! i did alter the recipe by using less sugar, but thats it! the other cake is looking mighty yummy in my oven too!