December 25, 2010


I made buns! And I finally figured out how to make my dough smooth and elastic.  Who knew I was using way too much flour? And that the dough will not stick to the table when it starts to get tacky while kneeding? Oh! I love bread. LOVE!
yummy balls of dough

December 11, 2010

the *best* banana bread ever!

Lily and I baked banana bread tonight. Yum! She, of course, wanted to lick the beaters immediately after I got them out of the drawer.  I have taught her well! ^_^   We adapted a recipe we found over at Food Network from the Two Hot Tamales (if you don't know who they are, then you have not watched enough food tv!).  Here's the link: Banana Bread at Food Network.No pictures except from the other website since the camera is in need of batteries again.  Darn Lily! 

We made two smaller loaves so that I could pop one in the freezer for later.  Here is our yummy goodness: